Review of Contabo


Contabo is one of the well-known web hosting companies in Europe. Founded as Giga-International in 2003, the company was rebranded almost a decade later as Contabo. This German firm is famous for its featureful and reasonable web hosting solutions. The company was founded by Michael Bolke and Michael Herpich based on three principles: instant service, discount rates, and top-notch client support. The best part is, Contabo is following all these principles successfully.


Contabo provides web hosting solutions with dedicated servers, VPS hosting plans, and colocation services. The data centers of the company are situated in Germany and offer both Linux and Windows servers. Contabo focuses on attracting different businesses with attractive web hosting packages and low pricing. Apart from delivering quality shared, dedicated, Colocation, and VPS web hosting solutions, the company also strives to meet customers’ expectations with exclusive client support.


Contabo in Detail:


  • Default RAID storage array
  • Year-around email and phone support
  • Automated backups available
  • Free domain name
  • Disk space 50 – 500 GB
  • Easy domain registration
  • Quick transfers
  • Simple DNS management
  • SSL certificate 
  • Anti-DDoS protection 
  • cPanel control panel 
  • Reliable client support
  • 95% network uptime guarantee

Web Hosting Plans of Contabo


Like any other typical web hosting company, Contabo offers the standard groups of hosting services, such as:


  • Shared hosting servers
  • Virtual Private Servers 
  • Dedicated Servers 


Above these standard hosting solutions, Contabo delivers colocation, means hosting your own server in their data centers in either Nuremberg and Munich. If you pick it rather than paying for the server, you will be paying for power, bandwidth, and housing. But, most people begin with – Basic Shared Hosting Plan. 


All three shared hosting plans of Contabo come with four varying pricing tiers, and the cheapest hosting plan is for 2.99 EUR/month, with no setup charges at all. You may select between four plans, the major limitations of which are MySQL databases and disk space.


  1. Webspace M 


  • 2.99 EUR/month
  • €35.88 upfront 
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 20 MySQL databases 


  1. Webspace L


  • 4.99 EUR/month
  • €59.88 upfront 
  • 100 GB disk space
  • 50 MySQL databases 


  1. Webspace XL 


  • 7.99 EUR/month
  • €95.88 upfront 
  • 250 GB disk space
  • 100 MySQL databases 


  1. Webspace XXL


  • 9.99 EUR/month
  • €119.88 upfront 
  • 500 GB disk space
  • Unlimited MySQL databases 


As per the Contabo’s General Terms of Service, all these packages are available for a minimum of 1-year purchase. For instance, in the first package for €2.99, you need to deposit €35.88 upfront. 


Other Features of Contabo


  1. Dual Data Centers Provide Room for 14k Servers


  • Munich datacenter of Contabo was assembled in 2009 as an energy-efficient and ultra-modern space to house around 4,000 company headquarters and servers. The company later opened an award-winning datacenter in 2014 in Nuremberg.


  • Each server is assembled by the staff of Contabo, all along the year. All servers are powered by name-brand hardware like Samsung, Intel, and Kingston. 


  • Investing in state-of-the-art hardware and technologies continuously, Contabo delivers 10 Gbit/s connections to their clients with 10-core and Dual Xeon dedicated servers.


  1. Deep Domain Registration Choices


  • The domain portfolio of Contabo offers access to over 300 and more domain extensions from country-code extensions to generic top-level domains and new domains including .email, .online, or .cloud.


  • Shared hosting clients can enjoy at least one free domain included in their hosting plan, whereas, with Webspace XXL plan, you receive around three registrations.


  • People who opt to keep domains with third-party providers may register unlimited DNS entries on Contabo’s nameservers at no charges. Alternatively, the agency makes transfers directly through the account management portal of every client.


  1. Numerous Add-On & Upgraded Services


  • Automatic monthly, weekly, and daily configuration settings, backups cover databases and more. All the data is stored on the backup server of Contabo, which features a RAID-6 array and multiple hard disks.


  • Dedicated server clients can buy an instant setup choice for a 12-hour deployment, instead of standard configuration that requires between 1 and 3 days.


  • Servers can be widened to include additional RAM, bandwidth, and storage space. Also, the clients with a dedicated and VPS hosting plan can select among three control panel options. Emergency support, monitoring, and managed services are available as well.


  1. Top-Notch Customer Support


  • You can contact Contabo’s client support team by email or phone.


  • In addition to helpful tutorials and FAQs, the company also offers real-time server status updates on maintenance and interruptions.


  • Managed services include operating system updates and security patches. Each client gets 2 hours of technical assistance every month for configuration, emergency support, and optimizations.

Pros and Cons of Contabo

Pros of Contabo


  • All year extended support via email and phone
  • 95% network uptime guarantee
  • Helpful tutorials to configure various aspects
  • FAQs for users’ instructions
  • Location-focused: servers more than 20 locations across the globe
  • Efficient and eco-friendly option
  • Exceptional performance


Cons of Contabo


  • No 24-hour support
  • No live chat
  • No toll-free phone line
  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Fine print and shady pricing
  • Manual security
  • No website transfer service

Pricing of Contabo


The prices are really competitive, especially at the dedicated and VPS server levels. The Contabo pools serve to share bandwidth, allowing the company to support multiple sites with unlimited traffic. 


However, the customers have to pay some extra amount for automatic backups, emergency support, managed services, or the ability to include a control panel to dedicated or VPS plans. All these features are commonly delivered for free with other hosting options. Overall, the customers appreciate the customizable solutions and supreme flexibility that Contabo provides, all with an emphasis on affordable price.


Support and Reliability


Contabo delivers 365 days of qualified client support by email and phone for their customers’ satisfaction. However, some US-based clients may face some complications when contacting the technicians of this Germany-based company. Contabo doesn’t have 24-hour support or toll-free number; means the support team is available by phone from 3 am to 6 pm EST (8 am – 11 pm in Germany).


The Bottom Line


Now, you have read everything about Contabo, and now the question is – “Is it good for you?”. Contabo is an excellent website hosting solution if you’re searching for an affordable hosting service provider without any special features. Due to its German data centers, it is an ideal option if you’re wondering for a European website host. Unfortunately, Contabo is not easy to use and lacks many features that similar site hosts provide for free. We think Contabo is appropriate for Germany-based businesses or for those who have their own servers and are seeking for colocation service.


Besides, when it comes to newbies, we think there are much better hosting service providers are there (as Contabo provides no free trial). In the bottom, we believe that Contabo aims its offers to business clients anyway. If you’re a newbie, you may try out other options, e.g., Hostinger. But, if you want to proceed with it, read more about their service plans to avoid any complications later.