iPage is one of the most popular hosting service domains available that offer different plans for entrepreneurs and website owners. Since 1998, it is a part of Endurance International Group (EIG) which is the parent company behind several renowned brands like FatCow, Bluehost, and HostGator. 


The iPage Affiliate program offers three types of hosting plans – shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Because of the low prices of iPage hosting plans, there is a high chance of conversions and profits. For every VPS and shared hosting, the affiliate will receive a commission of $105. For WordPress hosting, you will get $120, and for dedicated account sales, the member will get a commission of $150.  


iPage in Detail


  • Free Yahoo and Google marketing credits
  • Earn up to $150 for every sign-up
  • Secure signup and low price offers high conversions
  • Special affiliate promotions and quick payouts
  • Unlimited amount of commissions to earn


Key Products


  • For Shared and VPS hosting- $105
  • WordPress hosting- $120
  • Dedicated Server- $150

How to Become an iPage Affiliate?

Becoming an iPage affiliate is a straightforward process. You need to fill the registration form and wait for the confirmation that you receive within a few minutes. When you get links to route the traffic to the relevant websites, and you are successful in doing that, you will receive regular payouts. The more you refer, the more you earn. For every new sign up, you’ll receive a commission based on the web hosting and domain name product you choose. For payment processing, it takes around 15-30 days.

Thumbs Up & Down

Thumbs Up


  • Leading commission rates starting from $105 to $150 or more.
  • Monthly payouts
  • Access of a wide range of promotional material 
  • The higher conversion rate for your referrals
  • Geographical Independence


Thumbs Down 


  • Renewal rate is expensive after the initial term expires
  • Often promotes additional services and add-ons
  • Slower performance
  • The setup of dedicated servers may take around 12-48 hours  

More Details About iPage Affiliate Program


As you may know, affiliate programs are available in almost all industries. That’s why your success chances will be higher if you choose a field you are really interested in. If you think your interest is in web things, such as websites, online business, or blog, then you must look closely at the iPage Affiliate Program.


This program is absolutely free to join and only requires a few minutes to complete the application procedure. Once you become a part of this program, you will get a unique ID code that you may use in the text links and banner ads on your site. 


Also, iPage Affiliate Program consists of a library of promotional stuff and banner ads that are known to boost business sales. Here is what an iPage Affiliate Program Offers:


Payment Frequency: Commissions are processed approx 15-30 days after the month-end

Payment Options: This is up to you; you may select to be paid either by PayPal, check, or through your credit plan

Choice of Links and ads: You will receive a wide range of pre-designed text links and banners to match your requirements

Program Support: iPage offers you helpful program support which includes ready-made text links, affiliate ads, and online tools to track and optimize your payments. Contact iPage Help Center for assistance


How to Make Money with iPage Affiliate Program?


There is no confusion that affiliate programs are an easy and inexpensive way to make money. The process is straightforward; people come to your blog or website where you provide them products or services to purchase; if they make a purchase, you receive a sale share. When it comes to making money through affiliate programs, you cannot avoid the iPage Affiliate Program.


Just like any other affiliate program, to produce good money with iPage Affiliate Program, you require to market it appropriately. Several marketing strategies may help you in doing so.


Video Marketing


One effective way to make money with this program is by using video marketing. You may make online videos with outlets such as Vimeo and YouTube.




One another way to make money is – blogging. You may use iPage Web Hosting to generate benefits through blogging. This method helps you in providing ‘how-to tutorials’ for iPage hosting. This technique is used by many successful bloggers who promote web hosting.


PPC Marketing


Another way to make money with iPage Affiliate Program is – use some PPC marketing with Google and other search engines. Remember, with this type; you need to focus on long-tail keywords to advertise web hosting. Also, if you are using PPC advertising, make sure not to bid on any trademarked keywords like iPage, etc. 


Few Key Reasons to Associate with iPage


There are several factors to consider while selecting the right affiliate program; Reliability, Pricing, and most importantly, Quality. Here are some reasons why you must join an iPage Hosting Affiliate Program:


  • Earn around $150 on signup
  • Free marketing credits for Yahoo and Google
  • Global earning potential: US, Europe, UK, Canada
  • Immediate payouts
  • Affordable and accessible subscription delivers high conversions
  • Special affiliate promotions

Final Words


As mentioned above, there are multiple ways to advertise the iPage Affiliate Program. The program provides you with great promotions and deals for different opportunities to achieve reasonable pricing. It is a reliable method to host your webpage. The best part is, if you feel that services of iPage Affiliate Program are not adequate, there is a 30-day-money back guarantee.


However, if you really want to make money with iPage hosting services, the very first thing we suggest you is – learn more about iPage web hosting services. Once you think you’ve learned enough, you may sign up for the same. The information you will get about iPage web hosting will help you to advertise their services better. The more you know and understand about their services, the more convenient you will feel to make money with it and sharing this program with others.


So, now you have read the review of iPage Affiliate Program, what do you think? Want to invest in it? Analyze your needs, grab the information about this program, join it, and start making money today!