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Improved Performance

Combination of tune-up tools

Enhanced CPU speed

Increased speed and availability of RAM and hard drive resources

Improved graphics


Protects Privacy & Security

Wipes sensitive browsing history

Detects and blocks threats like malware, viruses, and spam

Secures your system

Powerful built-in security technologies

Automated Problems Repair

Intelligent live updates from iolo Labs

Finds and fixes approx 30,000 different issues

Keep your PC error-free and stable


Cleans Out Clutter

Removes around 50 types of junk files

Free up valuable disk space

Make more room for your essential data

Removes bloatware


Unleashes Internet Speed

Optimizes hidden Windows Internet Settings automatically

Faster downloads

Less buffering

Snappier page loads

Improved video quality

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Premium Security

Complete online security

Advanced protection

Protect against viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc.

Home Network Security


Anti-Virus Engine

Intelligent system

Scan for virus and malware automatically 

Web, app, and file scanning

Proper Junk Cleaning

Remove unnecessary data 

Clean out system cache and junk files

Give you more space


Convenient to Use

No antivirus or IT expertise required 

Offers a centralized console

Automated alerts for updates or changes

Cloud-based antivirus


Supports Multiple Devices

Windows, Android, iPad/iPhone, and Mac 

Easily accessible

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Award-Winning Security Package

Free antivirus on all your devices 

Password management

Automated software updates 


Provides Complete Digital Protection

Real-time protection from online threats and malware 

Blocks intrusive ads, infected websites, and browser trackers

Secure online payments

Scans your network constantly for vulnerabilities


Excellent Scanning Technology 

Up-to-date technologies

Top-notch virus protection 

Immediate action against vulnerabilities

Multiple virus protection tools, like, Anti Adware, Anti Spam, so on

Improved System Performance

Removes junk files

Cleans disk space and registry

Optimizes system’s memory usage and apps 


High-End Email Security & Encryption

Personalized email signature

Cloud-based email protection 

Blocks oversized emails

Block spam emails

Temporary email storage in the cloud account 


Easy to Use Concept

Simple installation process

Easy to set up

Frequent and automatic updates

No technical knowledge required

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Provides Complete Security 

Award-winning NOD32 technology

Serves all size businesses

No compromise for all your devices 

Safer technology 

Maximum protection


Works on Multi-layered Security

Safeguard your Android, Windows, and Mac devices 

Eliminates and block even the most advanced threats

Safer Online Shopping and Banking 

Fully featured with banking protection 

Comes with a secure browser

Secure online transactions


Reliable & Reassuringly Safe

Excellent and trustworthy product

Easy to navigate 

Easy and fast license renewal process


Excellent Customer Support 

Experienced and cooperative team 

Free technical assistance

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Delivers Centralized Protection

Serves home users and companies

VPN protection

Protect Mac, Windows, & Linux workstations, such as smartphones and laptops


Free Antivirus Protection

Real-time app scanning 

Regular app updates

Run on-demand scans of files and multimedia content

Scan any SD card with our antivirus

Global Protection & Internet Security

Protects from viruses and spyware

Protects against online frauds, hackers, or identity thefts


Anti-Theft & Phone Locator

Protect and recover stolen or lost device with the GPS 

Lock your mobile remotely

Clean all sensitive information from the phone remotely

Locate your device remotely & in real-time 

Allows you to lock and locate your mobile remotely from your smartwatch as well 


Advanced Performance and Functionality 

Antispam: blocks unwanted calls 

Theft alerts: you will receive a picture of the thief after three unsuccessful attempts for device unlocking

App lock: block access to your apps with a security PIN.

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Provides 3 Products in its Thor Antivirus Line

Foresight, Vigilance, & Premium 

Each focuses on being proactive & reactive against malware threats


Thor Foresight – Proactive Product 

Protective, Multi-layered Security 

AI-powered protection 

Secures your web-browsing & online banking

Prevent phishing

Keeps your confidential information safe


Thor Vigilance – Reactive Product

Build a firewall between malware and your device 

File-based scanning 

Real-time cloud scanning 

Backdoor & sandbox inspection

Behavior scanning 

Thor Premium – Both Proactive & Reactive 

A blend of Foresight & Vigilance

All-in-one solution 


Next-Gen Antivirus Protection

Advanced level of endpoint security 

System-centric approach

Complete Cyber Threat Protection 

Cloud scanning and sandboxing 

Detect and prevent malware & fileless non-malware attacks 


Completely Simple & Smooth

Easy installation 

Smooth performance

Simple to use 

No backend knowledge required 

Updates apps automatically 


100% Customer Satisfaction 

24/7 world-class support available 

30-day money-back guarantee

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Powerful Computer Optimizer Software

Multiple optimization tools

Includes an outstanding registry cleaner

Examines computer glitches

Detects registry malfunctions 

Clean all unwanted and irrelevant stuff

Augment your PC’s speed


Real-Time Protection

Effective and quick malware scanning

Preventive redemption from future viruses 

Antimalware protection

Scan hidden malware items

Protect from online threats

Peerless and All-Pervasive Security

Complete security for your Windows PC

Protect your confidential data 

Secure online shopping and transfers

Excellent PC performance 

Seamless online experience


User-friendly Interface 

Easy to install, setup, and optimize 

Simple and clean interface

Automated and on-time updates 


Appreciable Client Support 

Contact via email, live chat, or phone 

24/7 help desk 

Supportive team with quick solutions

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Award-Winning Security 

Regularly tested security solutions

Awarded security solutions

Advanced threat detection


Provides Complete Device Protection

High-end security solutions

Best attack detection

Detect and eliminate malware, Trojans, and viruses immediately 

Fight against unknown infections as well


Supports Multi-Device Protection

Comprehensive protection for your Android, Windows, and Mac 

Protection with next-gen technologies

Maximal convenient protection

Email and Virus Protection 

Virus scanner 

Behavior monitoring 

Safe online transactions

Email scanning to spam dangerous and irrelevant mails

Anti-theft and anti-spam


Great Usability and Backup 

Clear cache and dead files

Improved system performance

Save all data into the cloud automatically 

Proper encryption

Keep your device and data safe


Secure and Trustworthy

Prevent downtime

An immediate reaction against irregularities 

Saves your time

G DATA No-Back door-Guarantee

Years of experience 

Word-Class Customer Support 

27/7/365 client assistance

Technical and knowledgeable support team 

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Complete Antivirus Protection for Mac OS 

Excellent security suite exclusively for Mac users 

Keeps you trouble-free

Eliminates every malicious threat 


Real-Time Detection and Prevention 

Performs countless scans daily 

Keeps malware and infections 

Prevent phishing scams 

Protect your personal and sensitive information 

Powerful AI Technology 

Identify and recognize malicious activities

Fastest and smoothest Mac protection 

Accurate detection and protection

No harm to your games and other data 


Privacy & Data Protection 

Add extra security layer to Mac protection

Allows you to set your security standards

Highest level of security

Excellent ongoing protection

Blocks sites containing adware, malware, and spyware


Reliable and User-friendly

Full malware detection 

Automated intelligence

30-day free trial 

Direct install and set up

Simple app-like display 

Why is Antivirus Software Important?


Have you ever lost your essential data or documents due to sudden computer crash or viruses? Regardless of your answer, it is crucial to be ready to prevent your data against such sudden attacks. One perfect solution to this issue is – Antivirus Software. 


Antivirus Software is a data security utility that is installed on a computer to protect not only stored documents but also that device itself. It is an essential tool that protects your computer from viruses, malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats. Basically, it is a group of programs designed to detect, prevent and eliminate malware infections on individual computing devices, IT systems, and networks. 


Advantages of Using Antivirus Software 


There are several benefits that you may receive from using antivirus software. Some of them include:


  • Protection from viruses and spyware
  • Provides robust web protection 
  • Protection from phishing attacks 
  • Offers immediate scan of removable device 
  • Blocks spam websites and ads 
  • Delivers two-way firewall protection
  • Includes password protection 
  • Improves the speed of your system 


These advantages show that the importance of antivirus is apparent, so having one installed on your system must be a priority.


Choose the Best Antivirus Software


Before you purchase any antivirus software, keep in mind the device you want to protect and who will be using that device. As you know, there is a vast collection of antivirus software with different protection plans; it is not that easy to choose the best antivirus for your device. 


When it comes to picking the right antivirus, you may take help from TheTop10Ever. We are providing you with a list of different top antivirus software to help you choose the most efficient one. Compare the features, rating, pricing, and read full reviews of varying antivirus software for free and make the right choice for you as per your device, needs, and budget. 


For detailed information on antivirus software like how it works, what it can protect against, etc., you may browse our blog section for free.